Tax Filing Reminder

We are well into March which means tax filing time is upon us. Now would be a good time to securely send your tax information to your tax preparer (if you haven’t already). It is also an especially high time to be alert and vigilant to scams and fraud regarding your personal information. Fraudsters are looking to take advantage of mailings and emails from financial institutions regarding tax info. You might check with the IRS website and/or your financial institutions websites for suggestions to make your info safer.

With every tax season it’s a good time to be contacting your tax advisors about changes you may need or want to take regarding tax law changes coming up. For example:

  • Each year there are inflation adjustments to tax brackets, standard deductions, annual gifting limits, etc.
  • The annual exclusion for non-charitable gifting for 2024 is $18,000 per donee and per donor.  That’s up from $17,000 last year.
  • The standard income tax deduction for a married couple is now $27,700 – you need to have itemized deductions in excess of that to itemize on your return.
  • One thought, for example, is to bunch several years of charitable deductions into one year in order to exceed the standard deduction and get some additional value for your donations.

So, as you take the time to prepare your taxes, explore some ideas and thoughts with your advisors for suggestions.

This is not tax advice. As always, consult with your tax and legal advisors.

About The Author

As Vice President and Senior Wealth Advisor, Greg provides financial analysis to high net worth individuals. He is the author of several articles for various publications and nonprofit organizations on estate and financial planning subjects.